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My name is Samantha Shields, but I tend to go by Sam or Sammi. When I was young and my mom was mad at me, she would yell 'SAMANTHA JO!" Now-a-days, when people call me Samantha, it makes me think they are mad at me! (LOL)

This is my 9th year in education! From my first year as a teacher, I quickly found that I not only enjoyed teaching students, but also teaching fellow educators. I always needed people to explain things to me in a very simplistic way in order to understand. I had to be able to ask specific questions to how it would look for me when putting it into practice. I needed to be able to 'talk and teach' someone else in order to learn it again myself. I am still that way, but now, I get to work with other teachers and together find ways to do this with each other. 

During my first year as a teacher I didn't have as much support as I now think I should have. I didn't know what I didn't know YET. I wasn't equipped YET with asking myself or others the questions that I would need to know in order to 'see' what it would look like in my class! I knew I wanted to be someone that teachers could come to and talk things through with. A person teachers could bounce ideas off of. A person teachers could trust in their sacred space to work with in order to move student learning forward. A person that no matter how long they have been in their position, will see them as a professional and treat them as equals. 

Becoming an instructional coach was my BIG GOAL in life! I achieved that goal faster than I thought I would! Now, I get to go to work each day and be there for my teachers in ways I never had support. Everyday I learn from them and with them! I am a teacher, but now I have teachers as my students and their students as my students! Everything we do TOGETHER to support OUR students in achieve OUR school's vision and mission! 

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