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Monday, July 20, 2020

Region 13's Instructional Coaching Conference 2020

Kicking off today is 2020's Instructional Coaching Conference, hosted by Region 13! This is a time where Instructional Coaches, administrators, and teachers can come together to grow in our practice and learn from each other! 

I am presenting two pre-recorded sessions for coaches on, 'Coaching into Backwards Design' and 'Coaching into Different Types of Goals.' If you are interested in my sessions, see the descriptions below! 


Coaching into Different Types of Goals

In this session, participants will have the opportunity to think about some possible prerequisite engagement goals that coaches can partner with teachers to support student learning. These prerequisite engagement goals help set students up for success to be able to be successful on standards-based/academic goals. Participants will collaboratively work to create a bank of example goals for different types of measures, which will include an example data collection tool and teaching strategy for each example goal type. 

Coaching into Backwards Design

Unit planning using the Backwards Design Planning process is difficult in itself, but knowing how to coach teams through the process, is another skill in itself. Want to gain a general understanding of the Backwards Design process and learn how to 'strategically question and coach' teams through the process? Come visit this session!


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