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Friday, June 19, 2020

Readers Workshop Mini-Series Kick-Off!

TEKS (standards), good reader strategies, and reading comprehension skills are some of the ideas that we teachers keep in mind as we plan for our students to become successful readers. But when? What time of the day do we explicitly teach these "Skills & Strategies?" What time of the day do we designate for the students to put these strategies into practice? After all, that's when people learn best right? When we get the time to take what they have just learned and actually have opportunity to apply it. This is where Readers Workshop comes into play!

Readers Workshop is the time of the day where a teacher gives a brief explicit mini-lesson on a strategy or skill, where students can then take the skills or strategies and try them out on their own or with peers. I can tell you first hand that I did not do a good job getting this going as a teacher. I don't think I knew how to engage students in a true readers workshop for a few years.

For me, mini-lessons were never mini! I didn't realize how an interactive read aloud connected to a mini-lesson. I utilized stations for years, where I would prep cute things for the kids to do, but weren't truly benefiting their growth as readers. This brings me to this Readers Workshop Mini-Series. In this series I will create episodes "posts" that are dedicated to the components of readers workshop. The episodes will include:

1. The Mini-Lesson (September 3, 2019)
2. The "Heart of Workshop" (September 5, 2019)
3. Share Time/Closing Time (September 7, 2019)


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