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Friday, June 19, 2020

Distance Learning Instructional Playbook

When coaches sit with teachers to determine what instructional strategies will used to reach a goal they have set, it is helpful to have an Instructional Playbook that contains some go-to strategies that a coach and/or school frequently uses. Jim Knight has created an Instructional Playbook that contains strategies that research has proven to have a high impact on student achievement. Take a look at the Instructional Playbook that compliments the work of Jim Knight and his team.

Based on the changes in education that the Covid-19 Pandemic has brought upon us, it is helpful for an instructional coach to have an Instructional Playbook handy that is geared towards the most effective online platforms that a teacher can use with their students. I am sharing with you the Distance Learning Instructional Playbook that was created by a collaborative group of educators along Jim Knight (and myself). 

When you have teachers come to you and need support with choosing an online platform/tool to use with distance learning, bring up this Instructional Playbook and seek to find out what their goal or purpose is. For example, start by asking "What is the goal or purpose that you are seeking to achieve?" (i.e., digital management, live video chats, sharing & brainstorming, video recording, interactive presentations, or virtual assessments)

Once you know their goal/purpose, discuss with the teacher what the platform/tool is, what's the point of it, how it can be used by the teacher, how it can be used by the students, and review the checklist(s). It is important to review the checklist(s) with the teacher so that (1) y'all have a clear understanding of what it is and how to use it and (2) determine what adjustments/modifications need to be made to the checklist(s) in order to make sure it meets the needs of the teacher and their students.

Each time you and the teacher meet to debrief how a lesson went, look back at the checklist to see if there is anything that needs to be clarified or adjusted. Sometimes a simple tweak to the strategy can make all the difference in the success of the lesson and/or goal.


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